C’est parti, all systems go

This space is the result of an effort led by a group of very dear friends who’ve given me a gift that lasts a lifetime: a space of expression, accessible from virtually anywhere on Earth and with the right tools to ensure that my views will be properly exposed.

There is no better way to honour this gift than by keeping this space active. I intend to use this as a way to convey my personal thoughts and perspectives on several topics. As it may not surprise those who know me, issues such as European politics, International Relations, astronomy and videogaming may become predominant, but this is not in any way an institutional or a professional space and the act of free writing can take us down any path. Bear with me, I pledge not to disappoint you.

Welcome, visitor, to what I hope will be a long and insightful journey. As for Darth Vader looking over you, he’s on loan from my friends who created this space, as a tribute to that magnificent saga.

May the Force be with [all of] you!

View from the International Space Station (NASA)

View from the International Space Station (NASA)

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