Welcome to Trumpistan

Trump with the masses

Trump with the proletariat

They did it.

After a long, gut-wrenching, cringe-worthy campaign which lasted forever they did it.

Those who are still astonished and did not foresee this are blind to reality. Completely self-absorbed in their mainstream liberal bubble, they failed to understand the points that Trump made for months and which generated an enormous momentum around him. The common people of the United States voted against continuing the policies that were wrecking the American economy completely apart  and which engaged in dangerous and overwhelmingly unamerican experimentation on healthcare, all this while endangering the freedom of the people from the government’s creeping interference and ever-growing sway over people’s privacy.

All that is set to change now, in what can be seen as a second American revolution. Trump’s presidency will not be a conventional one and finally, the next American government will be a government from the people, by the people and for the people. Indeed, those sheltered by their liberal cosmopolitan circles have failed to see the grievances of the destitute and materially deprived population. A new hope for the future also emerges, as Trump’s supporters include a significant amount of younger, dedicated Americans and of real patriots whose voices had been suppressed by the establishment. Finally, the political world will be led by someone with an impeccable sense of professional decency, a thorough knowledge of the reality of his country  and whose human qualities will help him unite the American people around him.

Those in the neoconservative, hawkish and interventionist side of the spectrum will also see their influence disappear over Washington, as will those who favour nepotism and rewarding of favours with political positions. The business of government will be conducted very differently from now on and will be based on strictly meritocratic terms.

Trump will also symbolize a new era in social relations, one where the dictatorship of the politically-correct discourse, which has for so long been a sickening gold standard of society and impediment to advance, will be erased from American life and real, respectful relations between people of all backgrounds will become the norm once more. With Trump in the White House, all the unnecessary and downright ridiculous restrictions on people’s freedom will be dropped and the government will work towards making society much better for all and help put an end to the threats that could tear the social fabric of the country apart, such as anti-family organizations. For too long the political leadership of the United States has been focused on unexisting or extremely exaggerated threats but with this deafening cry of exasperation from the forgotten people, real priorities will be set that will bring a new golden age for the country and for the entire world, as the Trump administration will base its policies on traditional values to make the United States be respected once more at home and abroad.

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