Welcome to Trumpistan

They did it. After a long, gut-wrenching, cringe-worthy campaign which lasted forever they did it.

Decision 2016 – Bernie Sanders

  Being the most beloved candidate by Europeans (because he wants the United States’ social security, education and healthcare systems to resemble more those of European countries) doesn’t imply he will be the most beloved POTUS by those very same Europeans.

Decision 2016 – Hillary Clinton

  Hillary Clinton doesn’t need introductions, she is the Democrat that the Republicans love to hate and she’s been under fire for months because of her email inbox…yeah, it was a bit more complex than that but the former Secretary of State has a rather…

Decision 2016 – Donald Trump

Be honest, oh self-righteous extreme-centre European citizen, this is what you came here for! None other than the real-estate billionnaire turned reality TV star turned GOP presidential hopeful and his proposals that make you feel like you live on the greatest place on Earth.

Decision 2016 – Marco Rubio

The currently second-placed candidate in the Republican primaries is appearing to many as the only viable alternative to Trump’s action movie-style destruction and to Ted Cruz’s religious-inspired conservative fury.

Decision 2016 – Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is running on a religious conservative ticket, emphasizing Christian values and advocating limited government. This should resonate well with one part of the Republican establishment and it makes him stand out from other GOP candidates. How does it translate into specific foreign policy…

Decision 2016 – Be afraid, be very afraid…

The United States presidential election is everything any utopian Eurofederalist dreams of having in the EU one day: an exhilarating round-the-clock event closely followed worldwide and which elects the head of state and commander-in-chief who will be in nearly every newspaper, magazine and TV show…